My great-grandfather, Julius Kirmse. immigrated to Perry County, Missouri, USA from the village of Fichtenhainichen in the Duchy of Saxe-Altenburg which is a part of present-day Thuringia.

This book summarizes and analyzes the results of family research findings in My Saxe-Altenburg Relatives Vol. 2 to learn who were Julius Kirmse’s relatives in the Duchy of Saxe-Altenburg.

Structure of the Book

What you will find in the sections of this book are:

Background Information

Brief descriptive histories of Fichtenhainichen in the Duchy of Saxe-Altenburg along with other locations of my Thuringian relatives .

Julius Kirmse Emigration

Ship passenger manifest is presented and reviewed to document how and when Julius Kirmse immigrated to New York and then to Perry County, Missouri.

Family History Research Summary

The research results that Norma (Kirmse) Rauh collected and cataloged were used as the starting point of this family research project. The information was analysed and extended. Several ancestor reports for Julius Kirmse summarize the results of this family research.

search for Ancestors

Details and documentation of the family ancestor search are presented in a second volume of this book, My Saxe-Altenburg Relatives Vol. 2.

By including the related document images and photographs along with analysis and stories, it is my hope to not only preserve these documents, but also provide a vehicle for sharing them with relatives and anyone else who might be interested.

Future Research

This e-book is a work in progress that is being edited/updated as more family information is found. If anyone knows of related family information, Please submit the stories and images by way of the comment boxes.

Also, If you find errors or have suggestions, please use the comment box at the end of the related chapter. All comments will be appreciated that will help develop and improve this book on Saxe-Altenburg Relatives.


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