37 Unidentified Photographs

There are no known pictures of Julius’s relatives in Altenburger Land except maybe the following two unidentified photos.

Young Man from Ronneburg

Helen (Kirmse) Hacker has the following photograph that was found in the Julius Kirmse home that she now owns.

Unidentified Young Man from Ronneburg
Unidentified Young Man from Ronneburg

On the back of the picture is the photographer identification “HERM MEYNER – PHOTOGRAPH – RONNEBURG”.  Ronneburg is about 20 miles southwest of Rositz.

Unidentified Young Man - Photographer Mark
Unidentified Young Man – Photographer Mark

He is thought to possibly be a relative of Julius Kirmse from Ronneburg, Duchy of Saxe-Altenburg. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the name of this young man and how he might be related to Julius Kirmse?

Unidentified Family

Ella (Kirmse) Krueger shared this picture from Grandmother Kirmse’s photo album but was unable to identify the family.

Unidentified Family
Unidentified Family

The general features of the man’s face are similar to that of the unidentified young man above. Maybe they are the same person. Anyone have suggestions as to who this family is and how they might be related to Julius?


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