Cousin Relationship Research

24 Review of Peter Kowalski’s Family Tree

Peter Kowalski shared his pedigree chart and family history.  To begin the search for how Peter and Dale were related as DNA 3rd cousins, a review of several ancestors on Peter’s ancestral tree was made to look for possible connections to Dale’s family tree.




  • Johannes Kowalski + Josefa Johann Kosik
    • Johannes Kowalski
    • Josefa Johann Kosik

2nd Great- Grandparents

3rd Great- Grandparents

4th  Great- Grandparents

  • Gottfried Dieg + UNKNOWN
  • Melchior Kratzsch + Julianna UNKNOWN


Initially, the parents of Johanna Christina Kratsch were not known and it was thought that maybe Johanna was a sister of Justine Kratsch.  However on further research, Johanne’s parents were determined and they were not the same as those of Justine.

Future Research

As yet, no relationship connection has been found for Peter and Dale. From the research so far, there is no connection through 2nd  and 3rd great-grandparents. The thinking is now that there are multiple connecting ancestor relationships. However, to explore these relationships will require obtaining records from before 1809.




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