Prior Research

1 Prior Research Efforts

Over the years, there have been several efforts to learn the family history of our Julius Kirmse.

Kirmse Grandparents

When I stayed with my Kirmse grandparents during the week for two years (1955-1956) while I was in high school, my grandparents told me stories about themselves, their parents and other relatives. I did take notes at the time. Now  over 60 years later, I wish I had taken more detailed notes and asked many more questions for which I am now seeking answers. These notes proved useful when the three cousins began their family research.

The “Three Cousins”

During the 1970-1990 time period Norma (Kirmse) Rauh teamed with Julius Henry Kirmse (Norma’s brother) and their first cousin Helen Marie (Kirmse) Hacker to collect and document family history information.

Norma Marha (Kirmse) Rauh

Norma (Kirmse) Rauh analyzed and cataloged the information the “Three Cousins” gathered. She also corresponded with many relatives to gain family history. And, she engaged professional genealogists to search for data.

Helen Marie (Kirmse) Hacker

Helen (Kirmse) Hacker owns and lives on the Julius Kirmse homestead in Farrar, Missouri.  Helen shared many documents and photographs that she had as well as gathered information from cemeteries and Perry County records.

Julius Henry Kirmse

Julius Henry Kirmse and his wife Hildegard independently researched family histories. They also visited relatives in Missouri to collect information.


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