13 Kosmos Passenger Manifest Observations

Manifest of Passengers

The ship on which Julius Kirmse crossed the Atlantic had previously been found. See Appendix: Finding the Ship on which Julius Kirmse Arrived in New York.

An examination of the Passenger Manifest for the Kosmos which arrived at New York City harbor on 22 Apr 1853 shows that Julius Kirmse is listed among a group of young travelers.

Kosmos Passenger Manifest - Julius Kirmse
Kosmos Passenger Manifest – Showing Julius Kirmse as a passenger

Information Source

Year: 1853; Arrival: New York, New York; Microfilm Serial: M237, 1820-1897; Microfilm Roll: Roll 125; Line: 6; List Number: 291 Ancestry.com. New York, Passenger and Crew Lists (including Castle Garden and Ellis Island), 1820-1957[database online]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2010. Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1820-1897. Microfilm Publication M237, 675 rolls. NAI: 6256867. Records of the U.S. Customs Service, Record Group 36. National Archives at Washington, D.C.

Manifest of Passengers – Transcription

A transcription of this section of the Kosmos manifest of passenger is as follows:

Columns represent: passenger name, age, gender (m or f for masculine/feminine), occupation, origin, and destination.

176* Gottfr. Wagenbreidt        27    m  carpenter       Preussen     New-york 
177  Hermann Heimke             17    m  rustic          Preussen     Buffalo 
178  Justine Titze              24    f  serving maid    Baiern       Missouri 
179  Julius Faupert             23    m  rustic          Baiern       Missouri 
180  Julius Kirmse              19    m  rustic          Altenburg    Buffalo 
181  Louise Franke              23    f                  Hüringen     Buffalo 
182  Michael Rau                25    m  rustic          Altenburg    New-york 
183* Jus. Reidt                 36    m  rustic          Baiern       New-york 
184* Herm. Henscher             26    m  smith           Preussen     New-york

The only other passengers whose destination is Buffalo are the 12 members of the Trier (or Frier) family from Weimar:

 32* Joh. Peter Trier           59    m  rustic          Weimar       Buffalo 
 33* An. Barb. Trier            59    f                  Weimar       Buffalo 
 34* E? Trier                   28    m  rustic          Weimar       Buffalo 
 35  Carl Trier                 24    m  rustic          Weimar       Buffalo 
 36  Theobald Trier             22    m  rustic          Weimar       Buffalo 
 37  Jacob Trier                18    m  rustic          Weimar       Buffalo 
 38  Emil Trier                 10    m                  Weimar       Buffalo 
 39  Christina Trier            23    f                  Weimar       Buffalo 
 40* Margar. Trier              22    f                  Weimar       Buffalo 
 41  Maria Trier                 1y6m f                  Weimar       Buffalo 
 42* Dorothea Trier              2y6m f                  Weimar       Buffalo
And the last two names on the passenger manifest list are:
196  Anna Frier                 16    f                  Weimar       Buffalo 
197* Joh. Conr. Dinkel          44    m  surgeon         Baiern       New-york 

Transcriber's Notes: 

*  An asterisk indicates an error on the part of the original recorder, not the transcriber,
   or is used to call your attention to additional information in the transcriber's notes.
32      Given name likely Johann. 
33      Given name likely Anna Barbara. 
34      Given name looks like it may be Enoch. 
40      Given name likely Margaretha. 
42      Note in far right column:  died.
176     Given name likely Gottfried. 
183     Given name may be Justus.  
184     Given name likely Hermann.
197     Given name likely Johann Conrad.

Information Source

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild  LLC. Downloaded from: http://www.immigrantships.net/v13/1800v13/kosmos18530422.html


Several observations can be made from this passenger manifest:

    1. Julius Kirmse is not a stow-away. His name is near the middle of the list of passengers. Passenger manifests were created at the time the ship left port  –  If Julius were a stow-away and he was found,  his name would been added at the bottom of the list or as a note.
    2. There are several other passengers whose destination is Buffalo, New York.
      • Louise Franke  from Thuringia
      • Hermann Heimke from Preussen
      • The 12 members of the Trier (or Frier) family from Weimar:
    3. Several passengers are from or near Altenburg:
      • Michael Rau
      • Louise Franke  is probably from Thuringia.
      • Some of the passengers listed as being from Preussen could actually be from near Altenburg.
    4. Two passengers whose destinations are Missouri have been identified by Fred Eggers as being from Kriebitzsch (See Appendix: The Perry County Connection for Julius Kirmse)
    5. Julius Kirmse and many other male passengers are listed as being a “rustic” which means that they are “from the country” and do not have a profession such as tanner, carpenter, etc.
    6. The Anna Frier who appears next to the bottom of the list is likely a daughter belonging to the Tier/Fier family listed as passengers 32-42. She possibly was missed or got separated from her family at the time the family was signed aboard. And, when it was found that the passenger count was off and she was not on the list, her name was added.
    7. The ship surgeon, Johann Conrad. Dinkel , is from Baiern  with the destination New-York  – During that time period, New York meant New York City. There are no other medical doctors listed.  Hence, it appears that Julius’s benefactor doctor who paid his passage did not travel on the Kosmos.



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