Kratsch Grandparents and Families

22 Julius’s Kratsch Relatives

The starting point was review what is known about Michael Kratsch and his family.

Michael Kratsch Profile

The Justine Kratsch and Christoph Kirmse  marriage record that was found in Rositz church  record image, provides the following partial profile of Justine Kratsch’s father, Michael Kratsch:

  • he was deceased at the time of the marriage of his daughter Justine to Christoph Kirmse, 7 Jul 1829
  • he had at least three (3) children – 2 sons before daughter Justine
  • he was a gardner
  • he was a citizen of Grossröda

This became the basic criteria for determining the records for our Michael Kratsch and who were members of his family.

Births and Deaths With “Father: Michael Kratsch”

Since it was not certain that our Michael Kratsch died in 1913 and that his daughter, Justine (Kratsch) Kirmse was born about 1802, a broader range of births (1890 to 1829) was searched for children whose father was Michael Kratsch. And, since birth/baptism records are not available before 1809, the deaths of children whose father was named Michael Kratsch were searched from 1809 to 1900.



Marriages with Father Named Michael Kratsch

The marriages at Monstab/Großröda for which Michael Kratsch is a father of the bride or groom were identified.

Marriages with “Groom Father Name: Michael Kratsch”


MARRIAGES WITH “Bride Father Name: Michael Kratsch”



Results of  Search for  Children

The following marriages were found that matched the general criteria, but cannot say for certain that these Kratsch grooms are the sons of our Michael Kratsch.


  • We are missing a Child 2, Son 2. And if Melchior is Son 6, we are missing a Son and a Daughter as Children 4 and 5.
  • Some children could have died before 1809 or never married.
  • The search focused on Rositz and Großröda, Monstab. Marriages and death/burials could have been recorded at other churches.
  • Secondary evidence given by the godparents of our Justine (Kratsch) Kirmse’s children can be considered. See .Jeffery-Bernhard Lensman – Report .
    • One of Julius Kirmse’s godparents is Melchior Kratsch, neighbor and gardner of Graasa[Großröda] gives some support for Melchior Kratsch being a brother of Justine.

Future Research

Since by Justine (Kratsch) Kirmse’s death record, Justine was born about 1802. the births of two sons are expected to be in 1801 or earlier.

Will also look for death/burial  records of possible sons of Michael Kratsch. Birth/baptism records  for births before 1809 not available in the databases searched – the birth dates can sometimes be calculated from death/burial records after 1808.


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