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21 Julius’s Kratsch Grandparents

The starting point of this search was to  review what is known about Julius’s maternal grandfather, Michael Kratsch .

Michael Kratsch Profile

The Justine Kratsch and Christoph Kirmse  marriage record that was found in Rositz church  record image, provides the following partial profile of Justine Kratsch’s father, Michael Kratsch:

  • he was deceased at the time of the marriage of his daughter Justine to Christoph Kirmse 7 Jul 1829
  • he had at least three (3) children – 2 sons before daughter Justine
  • he was a gardner
  • he was a citizen of Grossröda

This became the basic criteria for determining the records for our Michael Kratsch and who were members of his family.

Michael Kratsch Death/Burial Record

A search for Michael Kratsch death in years 1800-1830 gave 59 candidate abstracts. A scan of the list of abstracts shows that many were for the children or spouses of a Michael Kratsch.  And, some reason, there were also several marriage records. A similar search for Michael Kratsch deaths was also made in the Family Search Center FamilySearch database.

Most Likely Death Record

From the search of the databases for a Michael Kratsch who died before 1829, was buried in Großröda, the home of our Michael Kratsch, and was not a child found one candidate record. A death/burial record for a Michael Kratsch who died 24 Dec 1813 and was buried in Großröda, Monstab, Sachsen, Deutschland.

According to this death record, Michael Kratsch was 46 years old at the time his death and hence was born about 1767.

Additional Possibilities

There is also a Michael Kratsch of Fichtenhainichen who died 2 Jan 1814, was buried at Rositz on Jan 4 1814 and was 49 years, 7 months, 1 week and 1 day old. So born 25 April 1769.  He meets the criteria of having died before 1829. But, since he lived in Fichtenhainichen and was buried at Rositz is less likely to be our Michael Kratsch.

Michael Kratsch’s Spouse

Two women who were possibly spouses of a Michael Kratsch and were buried at Monstab were found:

Regina was 55 years old at the time of her death, 12 Jan 1820, so she was born about 1765. This Regina would have been 2 years younger than our Michael Kratsch who was born about 1767. She would have been about 37 years old when our Justine Kratsch was born about 1802. And, she would have been about 48 years old when our Michael Kratsch died in 1813. She would have been deceased when our Justine Kratsch and Christopher Kirmse were married.

Christine Kratsch (maiden name not given) was 81 years old when she died 9 Aug 1842, so she would have been born about 1761. This Christine would have been 6 years older than our Michael Kratsch. And, she would have been about 41 years old when our Justine Kratsch was born. And, she would have been about 51 years old when our Michael Kratsch died in 1813. She would have been alive when our Justine Kratsch and Christopher Kirmse were married.

There is no defining proof that either Regina or Christine was the wife of our Michael Kratsch.  The most likely spouse is thought to be Regina Penndorf  because she was slightly younger than Michael while Christine was 7 years older than Michael. And, Regina would have been 35 when Justine was born while Christine would have been 41.

Future Research

Assuming that Justine was born approximately 5 years after Michael was married, we are looking for Michael’s marriage date to be sometime around 1797 or before. However, records of marriages before 1809 are not available in the databases searched.

Since by Justine (Kratsch) Kirmse’s death record, Justine was born about 1802. the births of two sons are expected to be in 1801 or earlier. Should either of these birth/baptism records be found, they will probably include the name of Michael’s wife.


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