Kirmse Grandparents and Families

19 Julius’s Kirmse Grandparents

The starting point was to review what is known about Julius’s Kirmse grandfather, Christoph Kirmse and his family.

Christoph Kirmse Profile

The record of Julius’s father’s first marriage,  Christoph Kirmse + Maria Findeisen (22 Jul 1819), as given in the Monstab church  record image provides the following partial profile of Julius’s Kirmse grandfather:

  1.  His name was Christoph Kirmse
  2.  He was a citizen of Fichtenhainichen
  3. He had at least 2 sons – His son Christoph is Child 2, Son 2 of his mother
  4. He was apparently alive at the time of the marriage of his son, Christoph Kirmse,  to Maria Findeisen 22 Jul 1819

This became the basic criteria for determining the records for Julius’s grandfather Kirmse and who were members of his family.

Christoph Kirmse Death/Burial Record

Searches of the databases provided many Christoph Kirmse death/burial records. There was a Christoph Kirmse who died after 1819, was from Fichtenhainichen and was buried in Rositz, and was not a child.

This Christoph Kirmse, of Fichtenhainichen, died on 24 Sep 1832, was buried the 27th. He was 70 years, 2 weeks and 6 days old. So, calculated born 4 Sep 1762.

Christoph Kirmse’s Spouse

There was one spouse of a Christoph Kirmse, from Fichtenhainichen and who was buried in Rositz found:

  • Christine Kirmse, nee Pohner, wife of deceased Christoph Kirmse of Fichtenhainichen, died on 14 Feb 1837, buried on the 18th, age 69 years, 4 weeks and 1 day. So calculated born 13 Jan 1768.

Future Research

There is no definite proof that Christine was the wife of Julius’s grandfather Christoph Kirmse. This will require records prior 1809.


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