35 Julius Kirmse’s Biography by Karen Kirmse


A family legend states (from William Kirmse) Julius Kirmse was born somewhere in Germany. When he was sixteen his mother gave him a dollar[rather its equivalent] to go make a man of himself. He left his home and never looked back.

Julius stowed away on a ship in Hanover, Germany. It was headed for America. Since the voyage took over two weeks Julius couldn’t stay hidden. He was lucky though, a doctor and his wife hid him when the crew searched for stowaways and later paid for his fare.

Upon arriving in America Julius worked to pay back the doctor for 1 year. He took care of the doctor’s horses and kept one ready day and night in case the doctor should have to ride on a case. The doctor and his wife probably lived somewhere in New York State.

After working a year for the doctor, Julius moved to Illinois where he worked for the Illinois Central Railroad. He learned of a settlement of Lutherans and moved to Farrar, Missouri.

At Farrar, Missouri Julius bought 40 acres of land and cleared it. After a while he built a house. At first he had to walk the five [actually 3] miles into town to go to church. But later he used horses.

At Farrar he married Barbara Kraus.

Information Source

Copied from a paper “Julius Kirmse” prepared by Karen Hildegard Kirmse at age of 12 based on conversations with her grandfather Julius Henry Kirmse and step-grandmother Hildegard Kirmse nee Kletke.


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