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Ecclesiastical Locations Near RositZ

According to the Meyers Gazetteer, there were 81 places of worship within a 10 mile radius of Rositz. The list below are those places (including Rositz)  within a 4 mile radius of Rositz Sa.-A. and are listed as containing a Catholic Church or Parish, a Protestant Church or Parish, a Synagogue, or Other Church.

Place Distance (~miles) Catholic Protestant Jewish Other
Parishes Churches Parishes Churches Synagogues
Rositz 0 1
Kriebitzsch 1 1
Monstab 2 1
Oberlödla 2 1
Wintersdorf 3 1
Zschernitzsch 3 1
Treben 3 1
Meuselwitz 3 1
Rasephas 3 1
Ruppersdorf 4 1
Kosma 4 1
Altenburg 4 1 5
Kürbitz 4 1
Altendorf 4 1
Mehna 4 1
Zipsendorf 4 1

Information Source

Meyers Gazetteer.  Downloaded 23 Jan 2019 from https://www.meyersgaz.org/place/20628019

Meyers Gazetteer

The Meyers Gazetteer is the most important of all German gazetteers. The goal of the Meyer’s compilers was to list every place name in the German Empire (1871-1918). It gives the location, i.e. the state and other jurisdictions, where the civil registry office was and parishes if that town had them. It also gives lots of other information about each place.  The Meyers Gazetteer website also includes historical map images from the David Rumsey Map Collection.

Church Descriptions

Lists of churches in towns and municipalities are available in Churches in Altenburger Land  and  Important Churches in Thuringia. The Ev.-Luth. Kirchgemeinde (Church Community) of Rositz includes Rositz, Kriebitzsch, Monstab, and Oberlödla.

Ev.-Luth. Kirchgemeinde (Church Community) Rositz
Ev.-Luth. Kirchgemeinde (Church Community) Rositz


The Christuskirche Rositz is located in the municipality of Rositz in the district of Altenburger Land in Thuringia .

Christuskirche Rositz

This Protestant village church is the most visible building in the town of Rositz due to its striking church tower. It dates from 1516 and is decorated in late Gothic style. It was restored in 1877, 1964 (inside) and in 1994.


Kirche Monstab is located in the municipality of Monstab which is a municipality in the administrative community of Rositz in the Thuringian district Altenburger Land .

Kirche Monstab

Founded in 1497 – new building, consecration on 30 March 1520; Late Gothic Vesper picture


The Kirch Kriebitzsch is located in Kriebitzsch a municipality in the Thuringian district Altenburger Land . It belongs to the administrative community Rositz .

St. Vitus Kirch Kriebitzsch
St. Vitus Kirch Kriebitzsch

Kriebitzsch St. Vitus Church Gothic Church foundation goes back to Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa;


St. Mary’s Church  is located in Oberlödla , a district and the capital of the municipality Lödla in the district Altenburger Land in Thuringia .

St. Mary's Church of Oberlödla
St. Mary’s Church of Oberlödla

First mentioned in 1398; by Einpfarrung Unterlödlas 1697 church extension


Grossröda church is located in  Grossröda. a district of the community Starkenberg in the district Altenburger Land in Thuringia .

Großröda Church
Großröda Church

In the center of the Grossröda village is a neo-Romanesque village church .

Information Source

Ev.-Luth. Kirchgemeinde (Church Community) of Rositz. Downloaded 23 Jan 2019 from http://www.evangelische-kirche-rositz.de/.


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