Julius Kirmse’s Parents and Siblings

18 Christoph Kirmse + Sophia Wiegner

After Julius’s mother died, his father, Christoph Kirmse, married  Sophia Wiegner with whom he had one child.


Christoph Kirmse + Sophia Wiegner (17 Nov 1844)

From the marriage record, we also find:

  1. Christoph’s father is Christoph Kirmse who had previously been married twice and was from Fichtenhainichen.
  2. Sophia’s father is Melchior Wiegner and Sophia is child 2, daughter 1 of her mother.


  1. SON: Bernhard Kirmse (16 Apr 1845-) – Child 1 and Son 1 of mother.

Deaths of Parents

Julius’s step-mother, Sophie Wiegner, died at Fichtenhainichen on4 August 1854 .

Julius’s father, Christoph Kirmse, died at Fichtenhainichen, a widower, on 2 Feb 1863, and was buried at Rositz on the 5 Feb 1863.


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