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16 Christoph Kirmse and Justine Kratsch

Marriage Records

What we know from previous research is that Christoph Kirmse and Justine Kratsch were married at Rositz.

A  search of the Ancestry database for a record of a Justine Kratsch and  spouse named Christoph Kirmse returned three database abstracts. Two were for the marriages of Justine Kratsch and Christoph Kirmse and one record was the death/burial record of a Justine Kirmse with the maiden name: Kratsch whose spouse was Christoph Kirmse.

An examination the marriage abstracts, found that they are both for the marriage of our Justine Kratsch and Christoph Kirmse but were recorded at two different churches.

  1. One abstract of an Evangelische Kirche Rositz (AG. Altenburg) church record gives the marriage date as July 14 (no year given) – the same one as was found to be July 14, 1829 by researching the Rositz church microfilm records over 15 years ago.
  2. The second marriage abstract is from the Evangelische Kirche Monstab (AG. Altenburg) church records and gives the marriage date as July 7 (no year given). A subsequent search for these marriage records in the FamilySearch database found the images of both of the marriage records which gave the year of the marriage as 1829.

Apparently, the couple was first married at the bride’s home church (Monstab) and the marriage was subsequently recorded at the groom’s home church (Rositz).

From these two marriage records we also learn:

  • Christoph is a house owner and citizen of Fichtenhaeynchen[Fichtenhainichen], widower of his deceased wife
  • Justine is the daughter of deceased Michael Kratsch, gardner and citizen of Graasa[Großröda (See below)], the 1st daughter and 3rd child of his wife.


The children baptized by Christoph Kirmse and Justine Kratsch had previously been found from transcribing/translating microfilm copies of the Rostiz church records. And, searches of the available databases found the same children:

  1. DAUGHTER: Eva Kirmse (5 Apr 1830-7 Feb 1904)  – Order of Birth: Child 1, Daughter 1 of mother
  2. DAUGHTER: Maria Kirmse (8 Mar 1832-30 Jan 1913) – Order of Birth: Child 2, Daughter 2 of mother
  3. SON: Julius Kirmse (6 Feb 1835-12 Dec 1915) – Order of Birth:  Child  3 ,  Son 1 of mother

Justine Kratsch’s Home

According to the Rostiz marriage record for Justine Kratsch and Christoph Kirmse, Grassa is the location where Justine’s father, Michael Kratsch lived.  And, the birth/baptism records of the children of Christoph Kirmse and Justine Kratsch, have their mother,  Justine Kratsch, as being variously from Grase and Grassa.

Neither of these names are villages located near Rositz. Since, the marriage of Justine Kratsch and Christoph Kirmse is also recorded in the Evangelische Kirche Monstab, Großröda (AG. Altenburg) records, apparently Grase and Graasa were abbreviations of Grossröda, Sachsen, Deutschland.

Birth and Death of Justine Kratsch

The death/burial record of Justine Kirmse mentioned above is the only record abstract found in the several database searches for a Justine Kirmse whose maiden name is Kratsch, is from Fichtenhainichen and is buried at Rositz.

Justine was 40 years old when she died and her youngest child, Julius Kirmse, was 7 years old.


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