14 Bremen – Bremerhaven

As is noted in Appendix: Finding the Ship on which Julius Kirmse Arrived in New York, Julius Kirmse sailed from the Port of Bremen (Bremerhaven) on the Bark Kosmos.


To get to Bremerhaven, Julius likely travelled through Bremen. The following is the Bremen Market Place as Julius may have seen it.

Bremen Market Placd - 1859
Bremen Market Place – 1859

History of Bremen-Bremerhaven

Julius boarded the Bark Kosmos at  Bremerhaven (Port of Bremen) not Bremen. In 1827 Bremen, under Johann Smidt, its Burgomaster at that time, purchased land from the Kingdom of Hanover, to establish the city of Bremerhaven (Port of Bremen) as an outpost of Bremen because of increased silt buildup in the Weser river.

Territory of Bremen as a State - 1866
Territory of Bremen as a State – 1866

What Did Julius Need to Board the Kosmos?

Besides a paid passage, Julius probably had to also bring on board provisions for the trip such as his own bedding, food, cooking utensils – he would have had to be prepared do his own cooking in a communal kitchen. See Appendix: Bark Kosmos, Bremen.

The questions of how Julius traveled to Bremerhaven and with whom he possibly traveled are explored in the next chapter.



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