Information Resources

The following information resources were used in the research on which this book is based.

Ancestry® is an online family history resource home of historical records and family trees and much more.

Tools And DATABASES includes a great collection of tools and resources for researching and building family trees.

Kirmse Family Tree

As family genealogical information was found and were analyzed, the results are entered into the Kirmse Family Tree database on –this tree is open for public view.

Family History Center

The local LDS Family History Center makes available microfilm readers and computers connected to the LDS Salt Lake City, Utah library and databases.


FamilySearch® is an online resource of instructional references along with historical records and family trees.


Initially the genealogical data is entered and analyzed ot the Kirmse Family . Then the data is ported over to the Kirmse Family Tree on FamilySearch.


Wikipedia was consulted and referenced for details on history, places, and pictures.

Dale’s Family Research Blog

Dale’s Family Research blog has been used over the past 6 years to post genealogical tidbits and updates as the family history was researched. These blog posts were used as the initial basis of many chapters of this book.



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