Acknowledgement of Contributors

Family members and others have been generous in sharing information. Many thanks to all who contributed especially:

William and Martha (Cordes) Kirmse

My grandparents told stories about themselves, their parents, and relatives.

Helen (Kirmse) Hacker

Helen shared many documents, photographs and stories she heard about Kirmse relatives. In the fall of 2003, I visited Helen in Farrar, Missouri on my Great-Grandfather Julius Kirmse’s family farm. And, while there also gathered documents and pictures from the Perry County Historical Society.  Over the following years, Helen has shared many additional documents and photographs.

Kathy (Rauh) Earnest

Kathy shared family history information, photographs, and documents that her mother, Norma (Kirmse) Rauh, had gathered and analyzed. In 2003, I visited Alva, Oklahoma and scanned the extensive files that Norma had collected.

Fred Eggers

About 20 years ago, Fred Eggers contacted me for information on my great-grandfather Julius Kirmse for the then upcoming 150 year celebration of the founding of Salem Lutheran Church in Farrar, Missouri which my great-grandfather was one of the founding members. Since then I have communicated with Fred on many history questions about Perry County, Missouri.

Peter Kowalski

Peter shared his family history and provided suggestions on how we are related.


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